Keith Putney Productions

What's been said about Keith Putney?

"I first met Keith as a representative of A&M Records... The seminar that he presented for artists at that first visit drew the largest and most satisfied crowd that any part in that series ever has... anything Mr. Putney does is a best-bet project."
 - Jon Brunelle, Manager - Guitar Showcase Santa Cruz 1987

"Dear Keith, I enjoyed playing at the Oasis. made our first show on the tour very easy... Warmest Regards."
 - Martha Davis, July 1, 1988

"Long been one of the face cards in the local rock industry deck."
 - San Jose Mercury News, April 29, 1988

"...workaholic who made everyone from Alex Chilton to Jimmy Cliff look and sound like a million bucks. We won't be seeing another of his caliber for a long, long time."
 - San Jose Mercury News, June 16, 1989

"One of the 10 people most instrumental to shaping the new South Bay Sound...The 'Mr. Fix-It' of the local music community...a diplomatic behind-the-scenes dealmaker... a network of sources that spans radio, the record industry and the local clubs... [a] player with the uncanny knack for showing up on the scene of most major projects."
 - David Plotnikoff, San Jose Mercury News
   Arts in the 80's: Nightlife (Decade wrap-up Dec. 3, 1989

"Thanks again for the great support of the 'Pages of Life' album. It feels great to have this kind of support behind us."
 - John Jorgenson, Desert Rose Band, March 21, 1990

"Thanks for all your support on 'Rumor Has It'. I couldn't have done it without you."
 - Reba McEntire, August 2, 1991

"Thank you... [your] continued support and efforts mean a lot to me. It was great to see you."
 - Trisha Yearwood, December 3, 1993

...more to come!